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The last story for you.

Posted by Vassline - 1 month ago

We are human beings, but in the end we are different.

What we eat, where we live, even one culture or language is different.

Because what we like and dislike is different, and we respect it, so we become social animals.

But I've seen a lot of people asserting that they are different and criticizing it.

Every time I see such a person, I'm getting tired.

Don't blame and don't insult.

An unjustified accusation will eventually turn into an arrow and return to you.

But honest and just criticism will help them grow and support them.

It is also your responsibility to let them stay there after all.

I'm a person who wants the Madness community to last a long time, and we need beginners.

Without them, we will end up hovering only in the same place all our lives.

We'll stay aimless, We'll end up rotting.

Everyone doesn't want that kind of future to come.

You can hate it for it's different styles, but you never know it's not the right way after all.

In fact, I think some people is busy trying to copy the same style.

Any animation is busy imitating the same composition in the same motion, and if it doesn't fit, it unconditionally criticizes.

And thinking it's the best work ever made.

No, you idiot.

You're just imitating meaninglessly.

There's no eternal development for you because you're so busy criticizing and detesting other people's animations.

Yeah, you keep doing that.

And when you look back one day, I hope all your imitations will be meaningless.

In the end, this story will depend on your behavior.

Are you hit the nail on the head?


Comments (1)

This message is good.
We should all be more open minded to everything. People these days thinks everything revolves around them and... when you think about it, it kinda does. But its important to reach out to others, see their point of view, learn about what they do and why they do it so we can expand ourselves and learn something.
But its hard to do this in today's social structure, everyone is offended and butthurt even about something that was meant in good way.